Bringing neurodiagnostics to the point-of-care

When stroke is suspected, rapid diagnosis is critical. Our world-first bedside electromagnetic imaging device readily delivers imaging to the patient. Fast, AI-powered identification of stroke type accelerates the appropriate treatment to better conserve brain matter.

Bringing neuroimaging to the patient, wherever they are

Easily manoeuvred, easily stored, just like a cart Ultrasound
No ionizing radiation, no ferromagnetism, no special infrastructure or shielding requirements
Bedside operation
Perform scans at the bedside, without needing to move equipment or transport the patient
Scans completed in under 30 seconds, quality images in just a few minutes.
Easy to operate
One headset for all head sizes, simple pre-set positioning, push to scan.

1st Generation Device

Detect clinically significant changes, at the bedside, when time matters.

2nd Generation Device

Ultra light weight device embedded in standard road and air ambulances to deliver pre-hospital stroke diagnosis and care to patients regardless of location.

Disclaimer: Neither the 1st or 2nd generation devices are available for sale or clinical use. The devices’ safety, effectiveness and compliance
with regulatory requirements have not yet been evaluated by any regulatory authority.

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